When appearance and performance are of equal factors, Shield Batteries manufacture to concourse standards, making them the ideal choice for the classic vehicle owner.

All our classic vehicle batteries are hard rubber, matching the original manufacturers specification; and can be supplied either wet (fully charged) or dry-charge with acid packs and commissioning instructions. Have the ultimate classic car battery, giving the correct period look to your pride and joy.

Our classic vehicle batteries fit a full range of classic cars including:

Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Fiat, Jaguar, Landrover, Lotus, Maserati, Porsche, Rolls Royce, TVR, Volkswagen and many more...

Our service to you..

  • Large range of hard rubber classic vehicle batteries, available in 6v and 12v.
  • Period looking batteries
  • Battery re-build service availble.
  • Technical advice and support.
  • Flexible lead times & customer delivery schedules.
  • British engineered.
  • Chargers available upon request.
  • Recycling service available.
  • Available with acid packs, ready to fit.

Service life

When you receive your new battery, if it is dry, remember its’ service life begins when you put in the acid. Do not fill it more than 10mm above the elements. Within 2 hours of filling, ensure that the battery goes on charge. The battery will be charged when all cells are gassing freely. Periodically recharge during periods of vehicle inactivity. Chargers also available.