Combining the latest technology and industry insights, Rolls have worked tirelessly to bring you the Series 5000. All batteries within this range have a dual container modular construction, combining thick plate designs with the highest density active materials, including polyethylene, to maximise durability. This also eliminates acid leaks even in the unlikely instance of the outer container rupturing, giving you double the security. The unique resistoxplate design also offers greater resistance to corrosion, lengthening your batterys life. For this reason, the Rolls 5000 battery range have one of the longest life-expectancies in the industry. The Rolls Series 5000 also offers easy on-siteassembly and disassembly, meaning no special tools or skills are required to install it. For those looking for a reliable, efficient battery with significantly fewer connections to eliminate numerous points of failure, the Rolls Series 5000 range has the battery for you.