Welcome to Eurobatt

Here at Eurobatt we aim to offer unbeatable battery prices on the web. In the event that you may find a cheaper price on another website, we have a price promise guarantee so let us know!

Our family have been in the battery trade business for over 40 years we are the largest battery supplier in the South West and we deliver across the whole of the UK. If you have any questions, or cannot find what you are looking for on our site, please just call us!

We offer a huge range of batteries for every conceivable application: car, leisure, Motorcycle, Golf Trolley, Jet Ski, Mobility Scooters, Garden Machinery, Industrial and Marine. We also supply battery chargers, solar panels and we are an authorised waste collector for scrap batteries. We stock CTEK, Duracell, Durite, Eurobatt, Exide, Leoch, Lucas, Numax, Odyssey, Optima, Platinum, Rolls, Sterling, Trojan, Varta, Yuasa, Tunstone, Crompton, Fulmen and Mutlu.

Eurobatt is a Specialist Marine Centre we stock all types of marine batteries Wet Lead Acid batteries, AGM Batteries, Gel Batteries, Traction Batteries and Tubular Plate Batteries.

As part of our range we stock Mobility Gel Batteries and AGM Batteries along with Fire Retardant Emergency Lightning Batteries.

Our Specialist Traction Department stocks a full range of Traction, Semi Traction Gel and AGM Standby Batteries, manufacturers such as Exide, Trojan, Enersys, Dynamic and Mutlu are available.

Not forgetting our Specialist Motorcycle Department, batteries are available in Wet, Gel and AGM. With popular brands such as Yuasa, Exide, Platinum, Leoch, Varta, Odyssey and Drycell.

If your requirement is for a more specialized application then the Optima brand maybe what you require.

We aim to provide our customers with the highest level of impartial advice so if you have a technical question and need some advice? We can offer detailed specialist battery advice simply contact us EUROBATT for any advice you may need.